My primary research interests involve understanding the spatiotemporal evolution of magmatic and volcanic systems of a variety of scales and settings through a combination of physical volcanology, igneous petrology, and geochemistry. In particular, I seek to understand the timescales and dynamics by which magmas are generated, stored, and eventually erupted - with an emphasis on near-eruption magma mobilization, residence, zoning, and eruption triggering in silicic systems. I am also interested in how the fluxes of volcanism and magmatism relate, fostering an improved link between constraints of magma conditions determined via petrology with those determined via geophysical techniques, and the development of plutonic bodies plus their interactions with the surrounding crust.

This research has primarily focused on lava domes in Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex (APVC) in S. America, the Youngest Toba Tuff (YTT) in Sumatra, Indonesia, and from intermediate volcanics in the San Juan Volcanic Field, Colorado. See the links below for expanded details on each project.

Details of published research and other contributions can be found here:

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